Auction 2017 forms

Saturday, November 18: MUUS Annual Service Auction  6 p.m. at MUUS on Main Street. We are still in need of donations, both individual and business. Please ask businesses that you patronize if they would be willing to provide us with a gift card. You can contact Carol Giannini if you want to double check if a business has been contacted already. We also need your donation of a gift or service. Museums and other local trips, meals, cookies or a special dinner, or help cleaning in some way, or even professional help have all been popular auction items. Use your imagination. If you like the idea, so will a lot of other people. We need these forms as soon as possible. Also, please consider buying a ticket for the auction, and inviting friends, family or coworkers to enjoy a fun evening with you!


Auction Forms:

Auction Individual Donation Form (pdf) | (Word Doc)

MUUS Auction Business donor form Autumn Harvest (pdf) | (Word Doc)

Thank You MUUS Service Auction (pdf) | (Word Doc)