Upcoming Services

Services are held each Sunday at 214 Main Street South (in the First Church building) in Woodbury at 11:15 a.m., unless otherwise noted, followed by coffee, tea and conversation. Note: Children join us for the first part of the service, and then go to Religious Education classes.



Our Seven Principles continue to be deconstructed for meaning, depth and inspiration. This summer each Sunday will highlight one of the Seven Principles with members of our congregation leading the service. They will share essays and other worship materials compiled on each of the Principles while helping to reflect on their significance and the ways the inspire ethical action as well as deeper spirituality. Each of the presenters has an opportunity to add their own perspectives on the essays written by seven ministers who joined the ministry after the Principles were adapted into their current form.

Our first summer Sunday will be on July 10. Paula VanNess will be the presenter. Some of the other presenters include Julie Howell, Ed Edelson, Dana and Barbara Packer, Tom Oakes, and Maryanne Boyen. Ann Quackenbos will be with us for summer music as well.

During the summer, our children will participate in summer activities that include relationship building. We will return to our more formal classes after our Ingathering on September 10. Find out how you can participate in our classes and learn more about Unitarian Universalism.


Closings and Cancellations: Closings and cancellations will be posted on NBC Connecticut. If you need information regarding the cancellation policy, it can be found under the Governance tab.