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Telephone: 203-266-4810
Calendar: Check out our calendar online

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Via U.S. Mail:
P.O. Box 876
Woodbury, CT 06798-0876


The Mattatuck Unitarian Universalist Society is located at 214 Main Street South in Woodbury, CT 06795
(We share space with the First Congregational Church of Woodbury)

Committees ~ Groups ~ Activities

Communication:   Mike Murphy, chair

Committee on Ministry:  Judith Frances, chair

Calendar:   Mike Murphy, Tom Oakes

Eblast:  Sheri Konopko

Endowment:   Paula VanNess, George Roberts, Becky Skinner

Financial Management Team:  Jack Lander, chair

Fundraising:   Sheri Konopko, chair

Helping Hands:

Insert:   Misty Lewis

Lifespan Religious Education:   Sarah Edelson Baskin, chair

Membership:  Christine Edelson, chair

Newsletter:   Sheri Konopko, Judith Frances

Nominating and Leadership Development:  Barbara Roberts, chair

Service Auction:  Sheri Konopko

Social Justice Coordinating Team:

Sunday Services:   Christine Edelson, chair

Stewardship Coordinators:   Ed Edelson, Michael Jensen


Circle of Gaia:  Christine Edelson

Poetry:   Barbara Eler

Property Liaison:  Jim Templeton

Website:   Mike Murphy, Tom Oakes, Catherine Bolduc