Getting involved

Service Opportunities at MUUS

Like Music, and organizing music events?

ChoirChoir members work with the Music Director to provide musical accompaniment for services at MUUS. See Ann Quackenbos.

Music StewardsThe Music Stewards work with the Music Director to organize musical events for MUUS members and friends outside of weekly services. See Mike Ingber.

Like to teach, or organize educational and/or spiritual events for children, youth, or adults?

Religious Education Committee memberThe Religious Education Committee works with the Director of Religious Education to run the religious education program for children and youth at MUUS, and to provide enrichment opportunities for adults at MUUS and in the community. See Sarah Baskin Edelson.

Sunday Service Committee memberThe Sunday Service Committee strives to design religious services that provide a safe space in which to experience the transforming power of community, the spirit of life, and love. See Christine Edelson.

Religious Education Teacher – Volunteer teachers work from UUA curricula on Sunday mornings to help the children and youth of MUUS on their spiritual journeys. See Sarah Baskin Edelson.

Like technology? Have written language, communication, or public relations skills?

Communications Committee memberThe Comm Comm produces our monthly newsletter; our weekly e-mail blast; and monitors our FaceBook page. The Comm Comm is always looking for new ways to communicate among our members and friends, and to let the wider community know about us. See Mike Murphy.

Photographers – Photographs of MUUS events for our publications, FaceBook page, and for local newspapers are always in demand. See Mike Murphy.

Are you good with money? Have a knack for event planning and fund raising?

Fundraising Committee member Some of MUUS’s biggest social events of the year are also our biggest fund raisers, and the Fundraising committee plans, organizes, and implements these key events. Volunteers with creative social and fundraising ideas are always welcome. See Mike Ingber.

Stewardship Campaign Committee member – MUUS runs by the financial support of our members. The Stewardship committee runs our annual campaign and works year-round to encourage members and friends to “give freely of their time, talents, and treasures”. See Jim Templeton.

Financial Management Team – The FMT works with the Board of Trustees to ensure the financial stability of our congregation. See Tom Oakes.

Are you a gardener? Good with plants?

MUUS Garden for the Hungry – Our congregation has a double garden plot at Flanders Nature Center in Woodbury where we grow fresh produce for local food banks. Add your green thumb by contacting Tom Oakes. In addition we have a number of plots in the Southbury Community Gardens. Help us plant, tend and gather produce for the Southbury Food Bank. See Christine Edelson, Sarah Edelson-Baskin, or Maryanne Boyen.

Weekly Floral Decorations for the Sanctuary – Each week a member or friend donates a plant or other decoration for the sanctuary. These decorations add to the beauty and welcoming nature of our services. Sign up for one week or several. See Christine Edelson.

Are you welcoming? A good host or hostess? Good at reaching out and making others feel at home?

Membership Committee memberThe Membership Committee serves to welcome all who enter our doors into an inclusive, caring environment. See Christine Edelson.

Coffee And… volunteerEach Sunday after service, MUUS hosts a coffee hour. Volunteers sign up weekly to make coffee (everything you need is provided except the cream). Volunteers often choose to provide to provide some snacks to go along with the coffee and tea (home-made or otherwise). See Christine Edelson.

Cooks and Bakers on CallMUUS members and friends like to eat. Many of our events during the year feature food (from baked goods to soups to meals) and a great network of volunteers make sure no one ever goes away hungry. See Christine Edelson.

Helping Hands –This group reaches out to MUUS members and friends who are ill or in need of support, and organizes “help” such as food, rides, etc. See Kate McKinney.

Like to make a difference? Want to make the world a better place?

Social Justice Coordinating Team (SJCT) memberThis committee meets monthly to serve the social justice interests of the congregation. The SSJC has several task forces working under its guidance. The SSJC monitors the task group activities and provides guidance, support and advice to help them solve issues that arise. See Connie Ingber.

Peanut Butter and Jammin’ volunteerOn the 3rd Thursday evening of each month, MUUS members and friends gather to make 250 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the Greater Waterbury Interfaith Ministry (GWIM) to distribute to their homeless and economically disadvantaged clients for the weekend (when the Waterbury food pantries are not open). See Monica Burnham.

Food Bank StockerOn the second Thursday of each month, a group of MUUS volunteers stocks donations and items purchased for the Woodbury Food Bank so the Bank is prepared to welcome its clients on Fridays mornings. See Angela Frisbie or Monica Burnham.

Southbury Mobil Food Pantry volunteer – Join a group on the third Friday of each month in the parking lot behind the Southbury Community Center to give out food provided by the CT Food Bank. This opportunity last about 1 ½ hours per month. See Christine Edelson.

America ReadsAmerica Reads is a national campaign initiated in 1997 challenging Americans to help our children learn to read well and independently by the end of elementary school. MUUS volunteers read with students from a Waterbury school weekly. See Angela Frisbie.

Woodbury Food Bank volunteerEach Friday in the month of March MUUS members and friends staff the Woodbury Food Bank to help keep the atmosphere organized and welcoming as the clients do their shopping. See Angela Frisbie.

Have other ideas of how you can become part of the MUUS community? Let us know. We welcome new ideas.